Simon Williams’s “Kiss of Death” opening on January 30th at Alan Kadıköy. The play has been translated into Turkish by Şükran Yücel and both playwright and translator are being represented by our agency.

Actress Zoe Lang attends a most unusual improvization workshop and finds herself auditioning to be the bait for a real-life serial killer whose grisly nom-de-plume is “The Surgeon.” Taking on the role of a young runaway, Natasha Campion, Zoe meets the sinister and manipulative John Smith and is forced by him into following a creepy script of his own devising.
Incorporating exciting video and sound techniques into a hard-hitting, tight structured storyline, Kiss of Death is a very modern thriller with plenty of dark, sardonic humour to punctuate its mood of prevailing menace.

The play is directed by Deniz Atam , starring Buket Çelik, Cemal Hünal, Furkan Kalabalık and Renan Bilek.

18 January 2023