ONK Agency Inc., formerly ONK Copyright Agency, was established in 1959 by Osman N. Karaca with the exception of a few representatives that already dealt with copyrights regarding photography, feature articles and comics strips, ONK became the first and largest literary and dramatic agency in Turkey over the years.

During the initial years there were special difficulties since legislation concerning copyrights had only recently been passed by the Turkish Parliament and the concept of “copyright” was too new and strange for the Turkish publishers and theaters to adapt too easily. It was only after Mr Karaca resigned from his post as the editor-in-chief of a major daily newspaper in 1966 and devoted his time to the agency that the firm and the “concept” flourished.

Today the agency represents not only foreign writers but many Turkish writers as well. In fact, ONK is the foremost agency that Turkish writers have selected to be their represantative. So far, seventy writers, translators, dramatic composers and artists are affiliated with the agency.

Legal matters are handled by advisers and lawyers of the Istanbul Bar Association.