Copyrights of Vedat Türkali’s all works will be managed by ONK Agency from now on


We are very proud to announce that the copyrights of the works Vedat Türkali, one of the most important authors of Turkish Literature, will be managed by our agency.

Türkali was born in 1919 in Samsun. He graduated from Istanbul University Turkology Department. He worked as literature  teacher at Maltepe and Kuleli Military High Schools. He was arrested and sentenced in nine years prison further to some political acvtivities in 1951.Seven years later he was released.

Between 1944 and 1950 his poems raised the attention of artistic circles and left wing intellectuals. He continued writing poems during his prison years. After his release, he started working in movie industry starting 1958. He wrote more than 40 scripts and directed three movies.

His theatre plays have been defined as pioneer, original and arising from national traditions and values.

His first novel “One Day Alone” was published in 1974 followed by “Blue Darkness” in 1983. His third novel Turkey That They Call A Film Set” has been defined as one of the cornerstones of Turkish Literature. After publishing “One Person Death in 1990, Türkali spent more than ten years for writing “Trust” which is about the history of Turkish Communist Party. “Turst” was published in 2005 and “Lost Novels” one year before.  His last two novels were “Cafe of Perjurers” published in 2009 and “Ended Ended Not Ended” in 2015.

Türkali died on 29 August 2016.