Jacques Deval’s “Tovarich” on stage at Istanbul Municipal Theater


Jacques Deval’s “Tovarich” is being staged by Istanbul Municipal Theater. The play has been translated by Asude Zeybekoğlu and directed by Haldun Dormen.

This amiable and engaging play sentimentally tells the tale of the White Russians impoverished in Paris. Prince Mikail and Grand Duchess Tatiana were formerly of the court of the late Czar. A gaily melancholy pair, they hate the Bolsheviks, but refuse to surrender the money to aid an abortive counter revolution. They take work as servants in the home of a wealthy French banker, and, as is inevitable, their identity leaks out when Gorotchenko comes to dinner. The banker and his wife are highly embarrassed, but the Prince and Grand Duchess are able to cope with the situation. After dinner Gorotchenko comes to the kitchen where they are working, proves himself a likeable and polished fellow interested in the happy future of Russia, and so Mikail and Tatiana turn over the money to him to use for the glory of their mutual fatherland. It is a touching moment when Tatiana extends her hand to Gorotchenko and calls him Tovarich.