Pegasus Yayınları published “The Magic Girls” series


sihirlikizlar-2Pegasus Yayınları published “The Magic Girls” series with a translation of Firuzan Gürbüz.

The Magic Girls – Book 1 – Abracadabra, Leonie

Suddenly Leonie can do magic tricks, but she still needs a little practice.

Where her tortoise Klärchen was sitting a moment ago there is now a pony looking at her with its eyes wide open. And all sorts of strange things happen at school. Where has that hen on the head teacher’s desk come from? Leonie is baffled: What is going on? She and her best friend, Mia, try to get to the bottom of it all – and stumble across a magic family secret … English reading sample available!

The Magic Girls – Book 2 – Flora and the Magic Goldfish

Maja fights for her magic skills.

What was that dream? Flying goldfish in a green pond – most peculiar. Flora somehow doesn’t seem to have her magic skills completely under control. These visions keep popping up at the most inconvenient moments. There must be something wrong! And indeed, it turns out that Flora has an important task ahead of her: she is to renew the power of her magic stone, and she is to do it in a secret place. Only if she manages to recharge its energy in time will she be able to keep on being a Magic Girl. The only trouble is, this magic place happens to be in the garden of her arch-enemy Adriane, of all places.

The Magic Girls – Book 3 – Jule and Starry Magic

Jule can suddenly read thoughts.

One beautiful summer’s day, everything is right with Jule’s world. She and her best friend, Stefanie, are happily sunbathing down by the lake. Then suddenly things are strangely different. Jule keeps hearing an odd swooshing noise in her ears – and Steffi’s voice, although Steffi isn’t talking to her! A weird visit to a circus adds to Jule’s feeling that there is something not quite right going on.

The Magic Girls – Book 4 – Nature Sisters Absolutely Bewitched

The first magic adventure of the three Nature Sisters.

Maya and Nora have a big secret. They have been able to do magic ever since their 11th birthday. It is pretty obvious that as novice magicians they cause quite a lot of chaos – nasty teachers are surprised by a rain shower, for example, and a poodle becomes a helper in times of need. Their friend Shirin seems to be the only who is normal. So far. But it’ll be her birthday in a few days. The three friends decide to found the Nature Sisters’ Club and stick together, no matter what …