Otfried Preußler’s “The Little Ghost” published by Pegasus


kucukhayalet-2Otfried Preußler’s “The Little Ghost” published by Pegasus Yayınları with a translation of Duygu Bolut.

In a locked chest in a dusty attic of Castle Eulenstein lives little Ghost. At the stroke of midnight each night little Ghost wakes up. He haunts the castle happily and sometimes visits his friend the owl, Mr Twoohoo, and then at the stroke of one, he falls asleep in his chest. It has been like this for as long as little Ghost can remember. His greatest wish is to see the world in daylight, just once. But how can he make his wish come true? And what will the townsfolk make of a ghost in the daytime?

Fantastic and quirky black and white line drawings throughout. More than 50 million copies of Preussler’s children’s books have been sold worldwide.