Alfa Yayınları published H. D. F. Kitto’s “The Greeks”


yunanlar-2Alfa Yayınları published H. D. F. Kitto’s “The Greeks” with a translation of Ayşegül Yurdaçalış.

The Greeks were extraordinary not least because they evolved “a totally new conception of what human life was for.” Justifying and elaborating on that claim, H.D.F. Kitto explores the life, culture and history of classical Greece, bringing to his subject the passion, wit and insight that have made this brief introduction a world-famous classic.

“Professor Kitto is a model historian – lively, accurate, and fully acquainted with the latest developments in the subject . . . never vague . . . often witty and always full of vigour.”—The Times Educational Supplement

“The best introduction I have ever read to Ancient Greece. The author’s liveliness of mind and style has enabled him to make a mass of information appetizing and digestible” –Ray Mortimer in the Sunday Times