Suat Derviş’s two novels will be published in English in USA


suat-dervis-abd-2We are proud to announce one of the most important literary events of this year: as ONK Agency. Suat Derviş’s two novels Ankara Mahpusu and Yalının Gölgeleri (Çılgın Gibi) will be published in English by Other Press in USA.

Ankara Mahpusu (Le Prisoner d’Ankara) was first published in France with Suat Derviş’s own efforts in 1957. The novel was praised by critics and continued to meet readers in many European languages in a very short period of time. Yalının Gölgeleri was written in French and published in Paris in 1958. The work has been rewritten and enlarged by the author in Turkish and published with a new title : “Çılgın Gibi”.

19 February 2018