hep kitap published two new books of Peter Brown


peterbrownyeni2-3hep kitap published two new books of Peter Brown with translations made by Sevin Okyay:

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Are you bored with being so proper?

Do you want to have more fun?

Mr. Tiger knows exactly how you feel. So he decides to go wild.

But does he go too far?

From Caldecott Honor artist Peter Brown comes a story that shows there’s a time and place for everything…even going wild.

The Curious Garden

One boy’s quest for a greener world… one garden at a time.

While out exploring one day, a little boy named Liam discovers a struggling garden and decides to take care of it. As time passes, the garden spreads throughout the dark, gray city, transforming it into a lush, green world.

This is an enchanting tale with environmental themes and breathtaking illustrations that become more vibrant as the garden blooms. Red-headed Liam can also be spotted on every page, adding a clever seek-and-find element to this captivating picture book.

12 January 2018


Pegasus Yayınları published Michael Ende’s “Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver” and “Jim Button and the Wild 13”


cimdugme-2Pegasus Yayınları published Michael Ende’s “Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver” and “jim Button and the Wild 13” with translations made by Saadet Özkal.

Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

Jim Button, a little black boy who one day arrived on the tiny island of Lummerland in a parcel, and Luke the Engine Driver have all sorts of jolly and dangerous adventures when they set off with their train engine, Emma, for distant lands, where they make the acquaintance of Make-believe Giants and Semi Dragons, Volcanoes and Princesses.

Jim Button and the Wild 13

In this second volume we find Jim Button and his friend Luke setting off on another long journey. With wit and great powers of invention they help Gurumusch, the King of the Sea, and Princess Sursulapitschi. They again visit the Emperor of China, survive a battle at sea with the Wild 13 and, to top it all, Jim finally discovers the secret of his birth.

9 January 2018

Claudio Morandini’s “Snow, Dog, Foot” published by Timaş


karkkopekayak-2Claudio Morandini’s “Snow, Dog, Foot” published by Timaş with a translation of Esma Fethiye Güçlü.

In the Alps, there is a lonesome valley where the old and scatterbrained Adelmo Farandola wanders, crazy with solitude.
Adelmo’s only companion is a nagging dog; together they form an unusual comic pairing, since Adelmo is able to understand its talking as well as those of other animals of the mountains. He also understands the voices of the wind, the sky, and even of the dead.

Struggling in the wild and hostile nature around him, we follow him in the changing of seasons and in the repetitiveness of his actions: but then one day, as spring arrives, Adelmo and his dog notice a foot in the melting snow.

Snow, dog, foot is a strange little book that one can read cover to cover, enchanted by its characters and their sarcastic profundity.

4 January 2018


Erich Maria Remarque’s “Shadows in Paradise” published by Everest Yayınları


cennettekigolgeler-2Erich Maria Remarque’s “Shadows in Paradise” published by Everest Yayınları with a translation of Dr. Saffet Günersel.

After years of hiding and surviving near-death in a concentration camp, Ross is finally safe. Now living in New York City among old friends, far from Europe’s chilling atrocities, Ross soon meets Natasha, a beautiful model and fellow migre, a warm heart to help him forget his cold memories.

Yet even as the war draws to its violent close, Ross cannot find peace. Demons still pursue him. Whether they are ghosts from the past or the guilt of surviving, he does not know. For he is only beginning to understand that freedom is far from easy–and that paradise, however perfect, has a price. . . .

3 January 2018

Ullstein Buchverlage will publish “Madonna in a Fur Coat” in Germany soon


kmm-german-2Sabahattin Ali’s “Madonna in a Fur Coat” will be published by ullstein Buchverlage in Germany in February 2018. The book’s translation in German was first published by Dörlemann from Switzerland.


Helga Weiss’ “Helga’s Diary” published by Pegasus Yayınları


helganingunlugu-2Helga Weiss’ “Helga’s Diary” published by Pegasus Yayınları with a translation of Şeyma Bakıcı.

In 1939, Helga Weiss was an eleven-year-old Jewish schoolgirl in Prague, enduring the first wave of the Nazi invasion. As Helga witnessed Nazi brutality toward her friends and neighbors and eventually her own family she began documenting her experiences in a diary. In 1941, Helga and her parents were sent to the concentration camp of Terezin, where she continued to write with astonishing insight about her daily life. Before she was sent to Auschwitz in 1944, Helga’s uncle, who worked in the Terezin records department, hid her diary and drawings in a brick wall. Miraculously, he was able to reclaim it for her after the war. Of the 15,000 children brought to Terezin and deported to Auschwitz, Helga was one of only 100 survivors.

Written in school exercise books and translated here for the first time, Helga’s Diary is a strikingly immediate and exceptional firsthand account of the Holocaust.


David Gillespie’s “Sweet Poison” published by Nail Kitabevi Yayınları


tatlizehir-2Nail Kitabevi Yayınları published David Gillespie’s “Sweet Poison” with a translation of Esra Yerebakan.

David Gillespie was 40kg overweight, lethargic, sleep-deprived and the father of four, with twins on the way. He knew he needed to lose weight fast, but he had run out of diets – all had failed.

After doing some reading on evolution (why weren’t our forebears fat?), David cut sugar – specifically fructose – from his diet. He immediately started to lose weight, and kept it off. Slim, trim and fired up, David set out to look at the connection between sugar, our soaring obesity rates and some of the more worrying diseases of the twenty-first century, and discovered some startling facts in the process.

Sugar was once such a rare resource that nature decided we didn’t need an off-switch – in other words, we can keep eating sugar without feeling full. In the space of 150 years, we have gone from eating no added sugar to more than a kilogram a week. You would need to run 7km every day of your life just to not put on weight as a result of eating that much sugar. Two decades ago 1 in 14 adult Australians were obese; that figure is now 1 in 5.

The ‘natural’ sugar in one glass of unsweetened fruit juice per day for a year is enough to add just over 2.5kg your waistline. The more sugar we eat, the more we want. Food manufacturers exploit our sugar addiction by lacing it through ‘non-sweet’ products, such as bread, sauces, soups and cereals. Sweet Poison exposes one of the great health scourges of our time and offers a wealth of practical and accessible information on how to avoid fructose, increase your enjoyment of food and lose weight.


Benjamin Fortna’s “The Circassian” published by Timaş Yayınları


kuscubasi-2Benjamin Fortna’s “The Circassian” published by Timaş Yayınları with a translation of Selçuk Uygur.

Eşref Kuşçubaşı remains controversial in Turkey over fifty years after his death. Elsewhere the man sometimes called the ‘Turkish Lawrence of Arabia’ is far less known but his life offers fascinating insights into the traumatic, increasingly violent struggles that ended the Ottoman Empire and ushered in the modern Middle East. Drawing on Eşref’s private papers for the first time, these pages tell the story of the making of a headstrong ‘self-sacrificing’ officer committed to defending the empire’s shrinking borders. Eşref took on a string of special assignments for Enver Pasha, the rapidly rising star of the Ottoman military, first in Libya against the Italians, then in the Balkan Wars and World War I, before being captured by the forces of the Arab Revolt and turned over to the British and imprisoned on Malta. Released in 1920, he joined the national resistance movement in Anatolia but fell out with Mustafa Kemal’s leadership and switched sides, earning him banishment from the Turkish Republic at its founding and exile until the 1950s.

Never far from the action or controversy, Eşref’s dynamic story provides an important counterpoint to the standard narrative of the transition from empire to nation state.


İletişim Yayınları published Eugene Rogan’s “The Fall of the Ottomans”


osmanlinincokusu-2İletişim Yayınları published Eugene Rogan’s “The Fall of the Ottomans” with a translation of Özkan Akpınar.

In 1914 the Ottoman Empire was depleted of men and resources after years of war against Balkan nationalist and Italian forces. But in the aftermath of the assassination in Sarajevo, the powers of Europe were sliding inexorably toward war, and not even the Middle East could escape the vast and enduring consequences of one of the most destructive conflicts in human history. The Great War spelled the end of the Ottomans, unleashing powerful forces that would forever change the face of the Middle East.

In The Fall of the Ottomans, award-winning historian Eugene Rogan brings the First World War and its immediate aftermath in the Middle East to vivid life, uncovering the often ignored story of the region’s crucial role in the conflict. Bolstered by German money, arms, and military advisors, the Ottomans took on the Russian, British, and French forces, and tried to provoke Jihad against the Allies in their Muslim colonies. Unlike the static killing fields of the Western Front, the war in the Middle East was fast-moving and unpredictable, with the Turks inflicting decisive defeats on the Entente in Gallipoli, Mesopotamia, and Gaza before the tide of battle turned in the Allies’ favor. The great cities of Baghdad, Jerusalem, and, finally, Damascus fell to invading armies before the Ottomans agreed to an armistice in 1918.

The postwar settlement led to the partition of Ottoman lands between the victorious powers, and laid the groundwork for the ongoing conflicts that continue to plague the modern Arab world. A sweeping narrative of battles and political intrigue from Gallipoli to Arabia, The Fall of the Ottomans is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the Great War and the making of the modern Middle East.


Alfa Yayınları published H. D. F. Kitto’s “The Greeks”


yunanlar-2Alfa Yayınları published H. D. F. Kitto’s “The Greeks” with a translation of Ayşegül Yurdaçalış.

The Greeks were extraordinary not least because they evolved “a totally new conception of what human life was for.” Justifying and elaborating on that claim, H.D.F. Kitto explores the life, culture and history of classical Greece, bringing to his subject the passion, wit and insight that have made this brief introduction a world-famous classic.

“Professor Kitto is a model historian – lively, accurate, and fully acquainted with the latest developments in the subject . . . never vague . . . often witty and always full of vigour.”—The Times Educational Supplement

“The best introduction I have ever read to Ancient Greece. The author’s liveliness of mind and style has enabled him to make a mass of information appetizing and digestible” –Ray Mortimer in the Sunday Times


Pegasus Yayınları continue to publish Michael Ende’s books


endedevam-2Pegasus Yayınları continue to publish Michael Ende’s books. “The Neverending Story” and “The Night of Wishes” have been published following “Momo”.

The Neverending Story :

This epic work of the imagination has captured the hearts of millions of readers worldwide since it was first published more than a decade ago. Its special story within a story is an irresistible invitation for readers to become part of the book itself. And now this modern classic and bibliophile’s dream is available in hardcover again.

The story begins with a lonely boy named Bastian and the strange book that draws him into the beautiful but doomed world of Fantastica. Only a human can save this enchanted place–by giving its ruler, the Childlike Empress, a new name. But the journey to her tower leads through lands of dragons, giants, monsters, and magic–and once Bastian begins his quest, he may never return. As he is drawn deeper into Fantastica, he must find the courage to face unspeakable foes and the mysteries of his own heart.

Readers, too, can travel to the wondrous, unforgettable world of Fantastica if they will just turn the page….

The Night of Wishes :

The sorcerer Beelzebub Preposteror and his witchy aunt must complete their annual quota of evil deeds before midnight. But a small cat and a raven are waiting to foil their plans and save the world.


 Julie Lythcott Haims’ “How to Raise an Adult” published by IKU (Istanbul Kültür Üniversitesi) Yayınevi


biryetiskinyaratmak-2Julie Lythcott Haims’ “How to Raise an Adult” published by IKU (Istanbul Kültür Üniversitesi) Yayınevi with a translation of Duygu Pınar Kayıhan.

In How to Raise an Adult, Julie Lythcott-Haims draws on research, on conversations with admissions officers, educators, and employers, and on her own insights as a mother and as a student dean to highlight the ways in which overparenting harms children, their stressed-out parents, and society at large. While empathizing with the parental hopes and, especially, fears that lead to overhelping, Lythcott-Haims offers practical alternative strategies that underline the importance of allowing children to make their own mistakes and develop the resilience, resourcefulness, and inner determination necessary for success.

Relevant to parents of toddlers as well as of twentysomethings–and of special value to parents of teens–this book is a rallying cry for those who wish to ensure that the next generation can take charge of their own lives with competence and confidence.


Can Yayınları published John Badham & Craig Modderno’s “I’ll Be In My Trailer”


artistlikyapma-2Can Yayınları published John Badham & Craig Modderno’s “I’ll Be In My Trailer – The Creative Wars Between Directors and Actors” with a translation of Samim Sakacı.

Beneath the entertaining and instructive war stories lies the truth: how directors elicit the best performances from difficult and terrified actors. You’ll learn how to use proven techniques to get actors to give their best performances – including the ten best and ten worst things to say – and what you can do when an actor won’t or can’t do what the director wants. Includes never before published stories from veteran director, John Badham, as well as Sydney Pollock, Mel Gibson, James Woods, Michael Mann and many more.


George Bernard Shaw’s “Man and Superman” published by Bilgi Yayınevi with a translation of Halikarnas Balıkçısı


shaw-2George Bernard Shaw’s “Man and Superman” published by Bilgi Yayınevi with a translation of Halikarnas Balıkçısı.

Man and Superman is a four-act drama written by George Bernard Shaw in 1903. The series was written in response to calls for Shaw to write a play based on the Don Juan theme.

Mr. Whitefield has recently died, and his will indicates that his daughter Ann should be left in the care of two men, Roebuck Ramsden and Jack Tanner. Ramsden, a venerable old man, distrusts Jack Tanner, an eloquent youth with revolutionary ideas, saying “He is prodigiously fluent of speech, restless, excitable (mark the snorting nostril and the restless blue eye, just the thirty-secondth of an inch too wide open), possibly a little mad”. In spite of what Ramsden says, Ann accepts Tanner as her guardian, though Tanner doesn’t want the position at all. She also challenges Tanner’s revolutionary beliefs with her own ideas. Despite Tanner’s professed dedication to anarchy, he is unable to disarm Ann’s charm, and she ultimately persuades him to marry her,[4] choosing him over her more persistent suitor, a young man named Octavius Robinson.


Wulf Dorn’s “Die Kinder” published by Pegasus Yayınları


travma-2Wulf Dorn’s “Die Kinder” published by Pegasus Yayınları with a translation of Regaip Minareci.

On a remote mountain road the completely distraught Laura Schrader is recovered from the wreckage of a car. In the trunk, the rescuers discover a cruelly disfigured corpse. When the police call in psychologist Robert Winter, he is confronted with the most puzzling case of his career: The story Laura Schrader tells him sounds incredible. But somewhere within this delusion, the truth must be hidden. The further Robert advances, the more he must realize that the danger that Laura Schrader warns of is far more frightening than any delusion.


The Other Press published “Madonna in a Fur Coat” in U.S.A.


kmm-usa-2The Other Press published “Madonna in a Fur Coat” in U.S.A with the same translation by Maureen Freely and Alexander Dawe which is published by Penguin in United Kingdom.

Sabahattin Ali’s “Madonna in a Fur Coat” published in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Croatian, Nosnian, Albanian, Serbian, Georgian, Mongolian and Urdu through our agency in the past. Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian editions of the book will be published soon.


hep kitap published Angela Sommer-Bodenburg’s “Little Vampire” series


kucukvampir2hep kitap published Angela Sommer-Bodenburg’s “Little Vampire” series with translations of Nilgün Kahraman and Gülderen Pamir.

Book 1 – Little Vampire

.Tony, a nine-year-old horror story addict is delighted when a little vampire called Rudolph lands on his windowsill one evening and, together, the two have a series of hilarious adventures involving visits to Rudolph’s home – The Vampire Family Vault – where Tony narrowly escapes the clutches of Great-Aunt Dorothy.

Book 2 – Little Vampire Moves In

Rudolph, the little vampire, has been banished from his family’s vault because of his friendship with humans. He now lives in the basement of Tony’s apartment house. Tony is terrified his parents will find out, and when a neighbour complains about the smell, things look bad . .

Book 3 – Little Vampire Movie Book


Sayfa6 Yayınları published Henriette Hell’s “Here I Come – Around the World in 80 Orgasms”


mutluson-2Sayfa6 Yayınları published Henriette Hell’s “Here I Come – Around the World in 80 Orgasms”with a translation of Tuna Alemdar.



Pegasus Yayınları published “The Magic Girls” series


sihirlikizlar-2Pegasus Yayınları published “The Magic Girls” series with a translation of Firuzan Gürbüz.

The Magic Girls – Book 1 – Abracadabra, Leonie

Suddenly Leonie can do magic tricks, but she still needs a little practice.

Where her tortoise Klärchen was sitting a moment ago there is now a pony looking at her with its eyes wide open. And all sorts of strange things happen at school. Where has that hen on the head teacher’s desk come from? Leonie is baffled: What is going on? She and her best friend, Mia, try to get to the bottom of it all – and stumble across a magic family secret … English reading sample available!

The Magic Girls – Book 2 – Flora and the Magic Goldfish

Maja fights for her magic skills.

What was that dream? Flying goldfish in a green pond – most peculiar. Flora somehow doesn’t seem to have her magic skills completely under control. These visions keep popping up at the most inconvenient moments. There must be something wrong! And indeed, it turns out that Flora has an important task ahead of her: she is to renew the power of her magic stone, and she is to do it in a secret place. Only if she manages to recharge its energy in time will she be able to keep on being a Magic Girl. The only trouble is, this magic place happens to be in the garden of her arch-enemy Adriane, of all places.

The Magic Girls – Book 3 – Jule and Starry Magic

Jule can suddenly read thoughts.

One beautiful summer’s day, everything is right with Jule’s world. She and her best friend, Stefanie, are happily sunbathing down by the lake. Then suddenly things are strangely different. Jule keeps hearing an odd swooshing noise in her ears – and Steffi’s voice, although Steffi isn’t talking to her! A weird visit to a circus adds to Jule’s feeling that there is something not quite right going on.

The Magic Girls – Book 4 – Nature Sisters Absolutely Bewitched

The first magic adventure of the three Nature Sisters.

Maya and Nora have a big secret. They have been able to do magic ever since their 11th birthday. It is pretty obvious that as novice magicians they cause quite a lot of chaos – nasty teachers are surprised by a rain shower, for example, and a poodle becomes a helper in times of need. Their friend Shirin seems to be the only who is normal. So far. But it’ll be her birthday in a few days. The three friends decide to found the Nature Sisters’ Club and stick together, no matter what …


Pegasus Yayınları published Amy Tintera’s “Reboot”


sifirlananlar-2Pegasus Yayınları published Amy Tintera’s “Reboot” with a translation of Sinan Uluç.

Five years ago, Wren Connolly was shot three times in the chest. After 178 minutes she came back as a Reboot: stronger, faster, able to heal, and less emotional. The longer Reboots are dead, the less human they are when they return. Wren 178 is the deadliest Reboot in the Republic of Texas. Now seventeen years old, she serves as a soldier for HARC (Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation).

Wren’s favorite part of the job is training new Reboots, but her latest newbie is the worst she’s ever seen. As a 22, Callum Reyes is practically human. His reflexes are too slow, he’s always asking questions, and his ever-present smile is freaking her out. Yet there’s something about him she can’t ignore. When Callum refuses to follow an order, Wren is given one last chance to get him in line—or she’ll have to eliminate him. Wren has never disobeyed before and knows if she does, she’ll be eliminated, too. But she has also never felt as alive as she does around Callum.

The perfect soldier is done taking orders.


Sel Yayıncılık published Eduardo Galeano’s “Hunter of Stories”


hikayeavcisi-2Sel Yayıncılık published Eduardo Galeano’s “Hunter of Stories” with a translation of Süleyman Doğru.

This is Eduardo Galeano’s last book, a masterful, deeply considered, and poetic autobiography, written in his signature style of short essays, fables, stories, snippets of dialogue, and epigraph-length fragments with illustrations. A mix of old and new autobiographical material, Hunter of Stories includes Galeano’s reflections on death, written during the very last months of his life.


Pegasus Yayınları published Irvin D.Yalom’s “Staring at the Sun – Overcoming the Terror of Death”


gunesebakmak-2Pegasus Yayınları published Irvin D.Yalom’s “Staring at the Sun – Overcoming the Terror of Death” with a translation of Zeliha Babayiğit.

Written in Irv Yalom’s inimitable story-telling style, Staring at the Sun is a profoundly encouraging approach to the universal issue of mortality. In this magisterial opus, capping a lifetime of work and personal experience, Dr. Yalom helps us recognize that the fear of death is at the heart of much of our anxiety. Such recognition is often catalyzed by an “awakening experience”–a dream, or loss (the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job or home), illness, trauma, or aging. Once we confront our own mortality, Dr. Yalom writes, we are inspired to rearrange our priorities, communicate more deeply with those we love, appreciate more keenly the beauty of life, and increase our willingness to take the risks necessary for personal fulfillment.


Hena Com published Adalet Ağaoğlu’s “A Wedding Night” in Croatian


birdugungecesihirvatca-2Hena Com published Adalet Ağaoğlu’s “A Wedding Night” in Croatian with a translation of  Izidora Hercigonja. The same publishing house published Ağaoğlu’s “Lying Down to Die” last year.



Pegasus Yayınları published Irvin D. Yalom’s “Religion and Psychiatry”


yalom-din-2The American Psychiatric Association awarded Irvin D. Yalom the 2000 Oscar Pfister prize (for important contributions to religion and psychiatry.) His acceptance speech delivered at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting in May 2000 at New Orleans has been published in the American Journal of Psychotherapy. Pegasus Yayınları published this speech in Turkish as “Religion and Psychiatry” with a translation of Zeliha Babayiğit.



İthaki Yayınları published David Winner’s “Those Feet”


kokler-3İthaki Yayınları published David Winner’s “Those Feet” with a translation of Egemen Özkan.

David Winner, author of the acclaimed “Brilliant Orange”, journeys to the heart of Englishness and sheds new light on the true nature of a rapidly changing game that was never really meant to be beautiful. He shows how Victorian sexual anxiety underlies England’s many World Cup failures. He reveals the connection between Roy Keane and a soldier who died in the Charge of the Light Brigade. And, he demonstrates how thick mud and wet leather shaped the contours of the English soul.


Elfriede Jelinek’s “Michael: A Young Person’s Guide to Infantile Society” published by İletişim Yayınları


michael-2Nobel prize winning Austrian novelist Elfriede Jelinek’s “Michael: A Young Person’s Guide to Infantile Society” published by İletişim Yayınları with a translation of M. Sami Türk.

The novel centers around two teenage girls who are so overly saturated by the media that they seem to become incapable of making decisions for themselves.



New edition of Michael Ende’s “Momo” published by Pegasus


momoyeni-2New edition of Michael Ende’s “Momo” published by Pegasus Yayınları with a translation of Leman Çalışkan.

At the edge of the city, in the ruins of an old amphitheatre, there lives a little homelss girl called Momo. Momo has a special talent which she uses to help all her friends who come to visit her. Then one day the sinister men in grey arrive and silently take over the city. Only Momo has the power to resist them, and with the help of Professor Hora and his strange tortoise, Cassiopeia, she travels beyond the boundaries of time to uncover their dark secrets.





“Fiddler on the Roof” opens at Zorlu PSM in January


damdakikemanci-2“Fiddler on the Roof”, a musical with music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, and book by Joseph Stein, set in the Pale of Settlement of Imperial Russia in 1905, based on Tevye and his Daughters (or Tevye the Dairyman) and other tales by Sholem Aleichem, opens at Zorlu PSM with collaboration of Talimhane Tiyatrosu in January.

Mehmet Ali Kaptanlar and Binnur Kaya will be starring in the musical.



“A Streetcar Named Desire” opens at UNIQ Hall on November 29th


arzutramvayi-2Tennessee Williams’ classical play “A Streetcar Named Desire” opens at UNIQ Hall on November 29th for the first time after many years. The play was staged 35 years ago by Yıldız Kenter and Müşfik Kenter in Istanbul.

Haluk Bilginer translated the play into Turkish and Hira Tekindor is the director.

Zerrin Tekindor, Onur Saylak, Şebnem Bozoklu and İbrahim Selim are starring.


“Madonna in a Fur Coat” on stage at Zorlu PSM soon


KMM-TIY-2en“Madonna in a Fur Coat”, the bestselling Turkish classic novel of Sabahattin Ali, has been adapted into a theatre play by acclaimed theatre director Engin Alkan and will open at Zorlu PSM in October with a production by Tuba Ünsal and Nisan Ceren Göknel. Menderes Samancılar, Tuba Ünsal, Alper Saldıran and Sercan Badur will be starring in the play. Sezen Aksu will compose the original music and Cem Yılmazer will be production designer.



Tom Basden’s “Joseph K.” on stage at DasDas Sahne


josephk-2Tom Basden’s “Joseph K.” on stage at DasDas Sahne with a translation of İlksen Başarır with the supervision of Serdar Biliş. Mert Fırat, Didem Balçın, Onur Dilber and Özgün Aydın are starring.

Tom Basden’s Joseph K is a darkly comic stage adaptation of Franz Kafka’s classic novel The Trial, relocating the source material to 21st-century Britain. It was first performed at the Gate Theatre, London, in 2010.

It’s Joseph K’s thirtieth birthday and he’s about to settle down with some takeaway sushi. However, his delivery is intercepted by two men who have not only taken a bite out of his California roll but, rather more alarmingly, inform him that he is under arrest. He has no idea what he’s supposed to have done wrong but he’s determined to clear his name. As he tries to make sense of his situation and to confront those who threaten his freedom, Joseph is thrown headlong into a fight against an invisible and illogical law.


Sebastian Seidel’s “Hamlet for You” opened at Baba Sahne


babahamlet-2Sebastian Seidel’s “Hamlet for You” opened at Baba Sahne. The play has been translated into Turkish by Yücel Erten.

“Hamlet for You” is a Shakespeare comedy with two actors (Şevket Çoruh and Murat Akkoyunlu are starring). Of course, in a very special variant, where everything goes wrong and is reinterpreted. The question of who is allowed to play which role is difficult to solve. On Helsingör in Denmark everything revolves around intrigue, despair, madness, cunning and malice.

It is about some big but also some small questions of life: being or not, singing or not, laughter or crying, Hamlet or Laertes, Coca-Cola or Pepsi.


Sam Steiner’s “Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons” opens at DOT


Sam Steiner’s “Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons” opens at DOT in April.

Starring Esra Ruşan and Serhat Parıl, the play has been translated into Turkish by Melisa Kesmez and directed by Mert Öner.



Peter Shaffer’s “Black Comedy” opens at Trabzon State Theatre


Peter Shaffer’s “Black Comedy” opens at Trabzon State Theatre with a premiere on March 30th.

The play begins in complete darkness.

Brindsley Miller, a young sculptor, and his debutante fiancée, Carol Melkett, have stolen some very expensive antiques from his neighbor Harold Gorringe, who is away for the weekend, to spruce up his normally slum-like apartment in order to impress Carol’s father and a wealthy prospective buyer named Georg Bamberger. Before the guests arrive, a fuse in the cellar short-circuits causing a blackout. The stage is instantly illuminated.

As Brindsley and Carol search for matches, the phone rings and Brindsley answers. It is his previous mistress Clea, who has just returned from Finland. Brindsley hurriedly distracts Carol, and refuses to see Clea.

Miss Furnival, the occupant of the flat upstairs, enters seeking refuge from her fear of the dark. Miss Furnival is a spinster and lifelong teetotaler. They ring the London Electricity Board, but are told only that an electrician might arrive sometime later that night.

When Carol’s father, Colonel Melkett, arrives he takes an almost instant dislike to Brindsley, and is unimpressed with one of his sculptures—a large work in iron with two prongs.

Harold Gorringe returns from his weekend early. Brindsley quickly pulls Harold into the flat so that he will not go into his own and discover the thievery. In the dark, Harold does not realize that the room is full of his own things. As Carol blindly mixes everyone drinks, Brindsley attempts to restore as much of the stolen furniture to Harold’s flat as possible.

There is a mix-up as Carol hands out the drinks in the dark, and Miss Furnival is given liquor by mistake. She is hooked after her first taste, and stealthily procures more. Harold discovers Brindsley and Carol’s engagement, and is furious at the news. It is obvious that he himself has secret feelings for Brindsley.

Clea enters unannounced. In the confusion, Brindsley catches hold of her bottom, and instantly recognizes it. He manages to retreat with her to the loft, where his desperate pleas that she leave dissolve into passionate kisses. When she refuses to go, he concedes that she can stay in the loft, if she will not come downstairs.

The electrician, a German named Schuppanzigh, arrives to mend the fuse, and everyone excitedly mistakes him for Bamberger. The electrician, with his lit torch, catches sight of the sculpture, and is extremely impressed. Schuppanzigh, who was highly educated in art at Heidelberg, praises Brindsley’s work with great eloquence. Just as the statue seems on the verge of being sold for five hundred guineas, they realize who he really is. The group turns on him in indignation, and Schuppanzeigh is cast down to the cellar to mend the fuse.

Clea emerges from the loft, and discovers Brindsley’s engagement. Outraged, she dashes Vodka over the startled guests. When Clea reveals herself, Carol is horrified. But her hysterics are interrupted by Miss Furnival who, completely inebriated and lost in a world of her own fears, erupts into a drunken tirade, ranting on the terrors of the modern supermarket, calling to her dead father, and prophesying a judgement day when “the heathens in their leather jackets” will be “stricken from their motorcycles.” She is led out by a consoling Harold. Carol breaks off the engagement and the Colonel is livid.

When Harold discovers the state of his room, he returns to Brindsley’s flat mad with fury. He pulls one of the metal prongs out of the statue, and advances on him. The Colonel follows suit, pulling out the other prong, and together they advance on the terrified sculptor.

Now, finally, Georg Bamberger arrives. This time, the guests mistake the millionaire for the electrician, until Schuppanzigh emerges from the cellar, and declares that the fuse is fixed. The startled guests realize that Bamberger has, at long last, arrived, and Brindsley exclaims happily “Everything’s all right now! Just in the nick of time!” But just as he says this, Bamberger falls into the open trapdoor. As Harold, Colonel Melkett, and Carol advance on Brindsley and Clea, Schuppanzigh turns on the lights with a great flourish. There is instant darkness.


David Hare’s “Blue Room” directed by Meltem Cumbul opens at Toy Istanbul


David Hare’s “Blue Room” opens at Toy Istanbul on Saturday, January 14th. The play is being directed by Meltem Cumbul. Music is composed by Nurkan Renda and Zigan Aldi, lighting design made by Ayşe Ayter and costume design by Hakan Bahar.

Elçin Afacan, Serkan Rutkay Ayıköz, Nazlı Benan Özkaya, Can Remzi Ergen, Ayşe Özköylü, Barbaros Ergün, Dilhan Naz Özgülüş, Zehra Bilgin, Emre Yetim, Peral Filiz, Gamze Dar and  Ozan Erdönmez are starring in the play.


Donald Margulies’ “Time Stands Still” opens at Tiyatro Fora


Donald Margulies’ “Time Stands Still” opens at Tiyatro Fora on December 20th. The play is directed by Tufan Karabulut. “Time Stands Still” is set in Brooklyn and revolves around Sarah, a photo journalist who has returned from covering the Iraq war after being injured by a roadside bomb, and her reporter boyfriend James who is swamped by guilt after leaving Sarah alone in Iraq. They receive a visit from their friend Richard, a photo editor, who introduces them to his new girlfriend Mandy, who is much younger than he. The play focuses on their relationships and Sarah and James’ prospects at a more conventional life.


Sam Bobrick’s “Two Single People” on stage at Duru Tiyatro


Sam Bobrick’s “Two Single People” is being staged by Duru Tiyatro. The play has been translated into Turkish by Ekin Tunçay Turan and directed by Emre Kınay.

A wacky woman in pursuit of a man drives him nuts until she finally gives up the chase. It’s at that point that he realizes he needs her in his life. The play takes place at a dinner party, a restaurant, a football stadium, a costume party, and finally a Paris cafe.



Tiyatro.iN stages Duncan MacMillan’s “Lungs” at Moda Sahnesi


Tiyatro.iN stages Duncan MacMillan’s “Lungs” at Moda Sahnesi. The play has been ttranslated into Turkish by Barış Arman and directed by Mehmet Birkiye.

In a time of global anxiety, terrorism, erratic weather, and political unrest, a young couple wants to have a child but are running out of time. If they over think it, they’ll never do it. But if they rush, it could be a disaster.



Jacques Deval’s “Tovarich” on stage at Istanbul Municipal Theater


Jacques Deval’s “Tovarich” is being staged by Istanbul Municipal Theater. The play has been translated by Asude Zeybekoğlu and directed by Haldun Dormen.

This amiable and engaging play sentimentally tells the tale of the White Russians impoverished in Paris. Prince Mikail and Grand Duchess Tatiana were formerly of the court of the late Czar. A gaily melancholy pair, they hate the Bolsheviks, but refuse to surrender the money to aid an abortive counter revolution. They take work as servants in the home of a wealthy French banker, and, as is inevitable, their identity leaks out when Gorotchenko comes to dinner. The banker and his wife are highly embarrassed, but the Prince and Grand Duchess are able to cope with the situation. After dinner Gorotchenko comes to the kitchen where they are working, proves himself a likeable and polished fellow interested in the happy future of Russia, and so Mikail and Tatiana turn over the money to him to use for the glory of their mutual fatherland. It is a touching moment when Tatiana extends her hand to Gorotchenko and calls him Tovarich.


“Skylight” on stage at Oyun Atölyesi


David Hare’s “Skylight” is being staged by Oyun Atölyesi. The play has been translated into Turkish by Haluk Bilginer and directed by Birkan Uz. Haluk Bilginer, Esra Bezen Bilgin and Kürşat Demir are starring.