Sebastian Seidel’s “Hamlet for You” opened at Baba Sahne


babahamlet-2Sebastian Seidel’s “Hamlet for You” opened at Baba Sahne. The play has been translated into Turkish by Yücel Erten.

“Hamlet for You” is a Shakespeare comedy with two actors (Şevket Çoruh and Murat Akkoyunlu are starring). Of course, in a very special variant, where everything goes wrong and is reinterpreted. The question of who is allowed to play which role is difficult to solve. On Helsingör in Denmark everything revolves around intrigue, despair, madness, cunning and malice.

It is about some big but also some small questions of life: being or not, singing or not, laughter or crying, Hamlet or Laertes, Coca-Cola or Pepsi.